Quotation for Complete Estate Management & Security Services @ Beaver Industrial Park

We have great pleasure to introduce the services of our organisation. You would definatlely agree with us that the concept of park management & security services nowadays is not merely a status symbol, but the significance of the vital role it plays either to protect the valuables or to maintain the proffesional image of an organisation. We will compete on good service, and a good price.

  • Price rate £8.00 per hour for Door Supervisors (24hrs a day 365 days)
  • Price rate £8.00 per hour for Door Supervisor (MON - FRI 9am – 5pm)
  • Price rate £8.00 per hour for Maintenance Man (MON – FRI 9am – 5pm)
  • Maintain general Landscape (inclusive)
  • Maintain a clean and tidy Estate (inclusive)
  • Provide general external pest control (inclusive)
  • Provide weekly reports which helps with loss prevention and insurance.
  • Rapid Response within 1 hour at any location nationwide
  • Night Security for Individual Units after Break-ins (invoiced individually)
  • Car Park Management (inclusive)
  • Put up signage and provide ticketing books to individual units (inclusive)
  • Management company to make individual contracts with each unit (Solicitors)
  • Pricing: Total invoice to management company, and individual invoice to each unit according to square footage.

  • Total Cost £110,000 per annum